NewBorn Baby Boy/Girl Gift Sets

A relative, friend or colleague just gave birth? Need to send a newborn gift but unsure what to get? 

Many of us struggle to find the perfect gift because we are unsure if the item is suitable for the occasion, the recipient will like it or simply, you're just looking for an affordable gift set!

Newborn Baby Gift Sets

Well curated and pocket friendly NewBorn Gift Sets are now available on ShopCallyKids - a local Kids & Baby Essentials Store!

Newborn Baby Girl Gift Set

"Hello World" Baby Girl Gift Set comprises of Silky Soft Rainbow Unicorn Muslin Cloth, made of 70% bamboo.

Rainbow Unicorn Muslin Cloth

Our muslin cloth is soft and gentle on the skin, allowing mothers to use on their babies with a peace of mind. The last thing a mother needs to worry is the material and quality of the cloths. 

Baby Photography Flashcards

As a mother myself, I can relate 100% to all mothers about just how quickly our children grow everyday. It is so important not to miss any milestones. This is why we included a set of 40 Flashcards for mummies to document their baby's monthly growth. Imagine creating a collage with the monthly photos on his/her first birthday! How sweet! It comes with a pouch, allowing mummies to store them neatly in the drawers.

Watermelon Plushie

There will always be good and bad days. While our super huggable plushies might be too big for your little one to hug, it can accompany mummies (and even daddies) through long days and night. A nice decoration for the nursery too! It might even be your little one's best bud even before you know it!

Newborn Gift Sets

In addition, a 10% discount code is included in the gift set for mummies to utilize on our website. A little retail therapy always helps! 



The size of the gift basket is 18cm x 18cm x 34cm (includes top handle) and comes with drawstring gift pouch wrap 

Priced at SGD60. *Free delivery included 

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